Haeundae Beach Train

Blueline Park: Welcome to Blueline Park, Haeundae.

Romantic sightseeing train
running through the beautiful Haeundae beach

Haeundae Beach Train is a sightseeing train, which functions as a means of transportationa sd well,
It travels from Haeundae Mipo through Cheongsapo to Songjeong by round trip while providing the beautiful coastal scenery of the beautiful East Busan

Mipo Station and Songjeong Station are the last stops where all passengers must get off. (Getting off at the last stop counts as a single ride.) For the round-trip, you need to purchase the double-ride pass or 1-day pass.
Route Running in the 4.8 km section of Mipo ~ Cheongsapo ~ Songjeong Station by Round trip
Ticketing KioskLocation Mipo Station, Cheongsapo Station, Songjeong Station
Unmanned Ticketing MachineLocation Mipo Station, Dalmaji Tunnel, Cheongsapo Station, Daritdol Observatory, Gudeockpo, Songjeong Station
Average Speed Running slow at 15Km/h (about 30 minutes of running timefor one way trip)
Running Interval 3 times/hour (3 one-way trips) * Subject to change depending on the circumstances.
Departure Address(Click) Mipo Station, Dalmaji Tunnel, Cheongsapo Station, daritdol Observatory, Gudeokpo, Songjeong Station